Character sketch: Hoot

A journal excerpt: Hoot at 20 months, still relevant today

Hat on

Feb, 2014: Wise has always been advanced verbally. He talked early and he talked a lot. Hoot, not so much. At 20 months old, the only thing he’ll say reliably is “cup.” When we’re in a hurry, or he’s having a tantrum, or it’s a Monday, I find it so frustrating when he won’t use a word to tell me what he wants. But usually, if I slow down and really give him my attention, I can figure something out. Yesterday afternoon was one of those days. We got home from school, and Wise wanted a snack. Hoot had a meltdown because … I’m not sure why but probably because my attention was on his brother. I was about to scream at everyone. Instead I stopped and said, “Hoot, want to take a walk?” Yup. He grabbed my hat and headed for the door. Happy Hoot.

Hoot, now 3, still tells his story walking:


Tomorrow: Character sketch, Wise

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