Introductions: New Beginnings

I’m not a person who hoards.

Neither junk nor jobs compel me to love them for life. If I commit to a certain project, like my dissertation, my novel, or someone else’s manuscript, I will finish it, and finish it well. But I’m a person who needs change.

Thus, after ten years of pursuing academic history, I realized in 2012 that I’d had enough. I admire my friends and my husband who’ve kept with it, but I was bored and done. Really done.

I threw myself wholeheartedly into writing. At least, I did so as enthusiastically as a person can when she has a newborn (now 3), a four year old (now 7), a need to keep working part-time, and a husband who has a tenure-track position and books to finish himself.

Oops — I didn’t have as much time as I thought I would when I quit teaching full-time.

But I’ve finished the draft! I’m shopping it out to agents and publishers. My kids, who I call Hoot and Wise on this blog, are more independent. Josh’s first book is done and published. Life is about to change again.

Meanwhile, I’ve been editing friends’ and acquaintances’ books and articles for extra money and/or favors when I’ve had the chance. I’ve learned about furniture finishing, and small business start-ups, and political campaigns, and Christian fantasy, and poetry, and urban fantasy, and grant writing. Add these categories to the gazillion history papers, articles, and books I read and edited while in academia, and I can really edit anything.

More importantly, I love it. When I teach, I feel the most happy and fulfilled when I’m helping students find their own voice, style, and strengths in writing. I feel the same about assisting my friends and clients in finding their voice through writing. Please send some work my way!

This blog will be a combination professional and personal page: a place for me to work out thoughts and plans for what I’m doing right now and next. Although it’s associated with my real name, I’m keeping blog names I had for my sons, Hoot and Wise, back when this was an anonymous page because I don’t want them to be so easily searched online and also because the names fit them.

If you’ve come here looking for my old posts, I deleted them. Like I said, I’m not a person who hoards. I am an historian, though, so I downloaded the posts and may quote myself later.

If you’re very curious about my blogging roots, I have kept most of my old posts from my first blog up here: Further Records be Beruriah

3 thoughts on “Introductions: New Beginnings

  1. On my first reading, I missed that you deleted your old posts! I’ve been thinking about doing so with some of mine. But which?

    Good luck on the publisher shopping!! I can’t wait for your good news on that front.

    I may have some work for you–I should know by this weekend. I’ll let you know.


    1. I had this long debate with myself, which left me quiet here for so long.

      I knew I needed to launch a public blog, but what to do with this one? I already have another defunct blog knocking around. So then I thought I might delete those posts I didn’t want out there in the open …. but choosing those seemed like a lot of work. So I started fresh.

      Thank you for returning. And I’ll be so excited if you have some work for me!

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