F is for fierce fuzzy face

Mocha is an annoying, neurotic, and disgusting dog. Today he’s jumped on the counter to attempt a school lunch theft and eaten a stray cat’s feces out of our grass. He won’t understand the relationship of his behavior to his impending stomachache.

Then about two hours ago, while I was trying to make dinner, he began barking like maniac and the kids started yelling. Frustrated because this was my fifth distraction, I rushed to the living room.

“What is the matter now!”

Mocha was circling the kids, herding. When he saw me, he rushed to the corner of a room and pointed.

“Mocha knocked a wasp out of the sky!” Wise shouted. “I think he hurt the wasp!”

I went to the corner, and sure enough, there was a wasp missing half a wing flying in a haphazard circle about an inch from the ground. Mocha smacked it again with his paw, and barked at it.

The wasp is gone now and Mocha’s a proud dog.

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