G is for Gamboling

Walking to school with Wise is one of the best parts of my life. Although we still have stressful departures, getting shoes on and bags packed, we usually forget all that by the time we’re to the creek three houses down.

Today Wise, the inveterate talker, began with a discourse on the changing ten dollar bill. I told him I’d give him ten dollars if he pulled up all the weeds poking out over the sidewalk and through the cracks on our block. That’s no small job, but he’s excited. He bounced along, gamboling down the side walk, stream of consciousness in full force.

“Will you give me a single ten dollar bill, with Alexander Hamilton on it?”

“Do you think it’ll be a series 2016 bill? A brand new one?”

“So much of the money I get comes from 2004. Why’s there so much 2004 money around?”

“I’d like of the new $10 bills, with the woman on it. But that might take too long and I want the antique castle set from the flea market pretty soon.”

“Maybe I’ll earn another $10 bill and I can save that one.”

“I wonder if the knights in the castle set are wearing chain mail. I know it’d just be plastic but I hope they have chain mail.”

“Did you know that sometimes scuba divers wear a kind of chain mail to protect themselves from sharks?”

“I saw a video of a scuba diver wearing chain mail getting attacked by a baby shark.”

[I don’t know how and when he saw that, but I googled “shark chain mail” and found this, which sounds like exactly what Wise described.]

“Did you know sharks aren’t that dangerous? More people get killed by cars. Lightning kills more people than sharks. Dogs kill more people than sharks.”

And so on. We found a crisscrossing of slug tracks across the sidewalk.

“Looks like they had a slug party here last night!”

And so on until we arrived at school. I could never have kept up with that conversation while driving a car.


2 thoughts on “G is for Gamboling

  1. I’m looking for the LOVE button! What precious minutes, walking with him and listening to the curious and intelligent chatter of a wondering, learning mind! What a great post! And you’re so right about the gift of necessary slowing by way of walking. What a gift!

    Liked by 1 person

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