I is for Illusions, Unshattered

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On our morning walk to school and daycare, Hoot pointed to one of the many tall trees on our street.

“Oh, there’s the tree I rided up on my balance bike last night! I went all the way up and then fell out and hit my head with my helmet on.”

He said it so cheerfully.

Wise said, “Hoot, you can’t ride a bike up a tree.”

“I did it, last night. And then I fell out and hit my head. Remember, Mama? You came and got me.”

“Was this a dream you had last night?” I asked.

“Yes,” Hoot said. “It was my dream. Remember?”

“Mama can’t remember a dream you had.” Wise rolled his eyes.

“But she was there!”

“But …. ” Wise starts to explain how dreams work.

“Were you hurt, Hoot?” I interrupted.

“No, because I had my helmet on and you came and got me.”

“Did you have fun going up the tree?” I asked.

“I will do it again after I go to sleep tonight.”

“That sounds nice,” I said. “I hope I’ll join you again.”

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