J is for Jump in with Both Feet

Yesterday was a rainy, cold, stormy day. When the rain stopped, Hoot wanted to do the obvious thing.

This morning, Mocha and I walked Wise to school and on the way back, a person stopped us.

“There’s a chihuahua in a cage on the Greenline! Can you please go get him? I have to go to work. I just can’t.”

Obviously, I can.

But we can’t keep him. We have a full house. Almost two years ago, I found a dog running around the neighborhood and it took us almost two weeks to find him a home. I spent something like 20 hours on the phone calling all over the country. But that dog was a Jack Russell pit mix and a lot less appealing.

Thank goodness I found a rescue willing to take this little guy after only a couple of hours of searching. Hopefully the $200 we’re spending to get him ready to be fostered won’t cause our checking account to bounce during the coming lean summer months.

So, excuse the short post. I was suddenly much busier than I expected.

And if you ever decide you don’t want your dog, don’t be a jackass. Don’t dump him on a walking path. Society has provided you with options, not great ones I know, but even Good Samaritans¬†don’t have unlimited credit.

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