Q is for Quixotic

Kids talk to me all day long. To keep myself interested, I filter through the streams of consciousness for bits of dialog I want to remember or write into a different context. Most of what they say flows through me, questions asked and answered, complaints contended with and released, problems solved or postponed.

Yesterday a student said, “I just realized something, Dr. F. Since you started here in December, you’ve been here every day!”

I said, “Well, that’s not exactly true, I was gone one day because I went to DC.”

“Yeah, but you told me you weren’t gonna be here.”

I smiled. “It’s my job to be here, so I’m here.”

“Yeah, but ever since you started, I can get a book whenever I want. I just realized that just now.”

And 36 hours later, I just realized what a nice thing he was trying to say.


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