S is for Seder

Pesach/Passover begins tonight.

We have the house in order and Josh even managed to finish most of the cooking last night.

We’re having one family over and I’m pretty excited about the custom Haggadah I made at http://www.haggadot.com/. We’d been using the New American Haggadah for a few years, and of course we have a collection of Maxwell House Haggadahs (although I just realized ours are pre-2011 revision.) Both have their value, but I just kinda wanted to see what it would be like to create a Haggadah where I’m not saying, “now skip to page 14, oh, I mean 15, I mean 12” or handing out transliteration sheets for our non-Hebrew reading guests. Essentially, we customize the haggadah every year, as all families do, but this time no one will see the cuts and additions. I love the cohesive text (or at least I think I do; we’ll see how it goes.)

Since I only discovered the customizing website last night, ours is pretty basic, but I’m already thinking about how Hoot, Wise, and I can really create a great family one for next year.

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