My life right now


Hoot, upon seeing that scene on our walk to school, “Ooh, somebody was bad. They broke our street.”


Wise, “Hoot! That’s not nice. It might’ve been an accident.”

Hoot, “They should slow down! Slow down!”


Student, “Dr. F., how come you want to be a librarian and not a principal? You’d have lots of power if you were a principal.”

Me, “Because, Student, attending meetings makes me want to pull out my eyeballs. So does talking on the phone.”

Student, “You’re funny. You always say what you think.”

Me, “That’s another reason.”


Wise, “Mama, have you seen my Lego minifigure with the three-cornered hat?”

Me, “I gave him to you last night and told you to put him away.”

Wise, “Oh hmm, well I think I didn’t do that. Do you know where he is now?”


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